The Many Ways a Home Inspection Can Kill a Deal – The Real Estate Law Podcast

In this episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast, we’re talking about home inspections!  We are dissecting the home inspection process – how do you use the information that you learn and when should you panic?

  • Is a Home Inspection a required part of the process?
  • Negotiating for repairs and credits.
  • When a Home Inspection will kill a deal.
  • Who are the key players involved with a Home Inspection?
  • It’s not always about the problems – sometimes a home inspection can be good homeowner training.

Even if you think that you knew everything there is to home inspections, give us a listen and we bet you’ll learn a new thing or two!

Join Jason Muth and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill of NextHome Titletown and UrbanVillage Legal in Boston, Massachusetts for another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast!

The Real Estate Law Podcast Episode 7

How the Home Inspection Can Kill a Real Estate Deal


  • Is a home inspection required?
  • Who should have a home inspection?
  • How to hire a home inspector.
  • What to do on home inspection day.
  • How to use the findings from the home inspection?
  • Deal killers
  • Issues you can’t live with: negotiate for repairs or credits
  • Advice for buyer’s agents
  • Advice for seller’s agents



Attorney / Broker Rory Gill

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  • NextHome Titletown –


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