Organic Growth and Real Estate Marketing with Showcase IDX Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Uhlir

Welcome globally-recognized marketer and serial entrepreneur Kurt Uhlir to the podcast! Kurt is the CMO for Showcase IDX and has the unique bilingual ability to speak business and tech, which helps as a real estate marketing pro!

Kurt has generated over $10 billion in value for investors and clients as a business operator, product visionary and angel investor. He has run businesses from start-up to over $500M annual revenue, assembled teams across six continents, an IPO ($880M), and multiple acquisitions.

He was at the front lines creating several of the real estate marketing channels we all use today, including social media management, influencer marketing, and location- based marketing. In recent years, he has focused on helping individual business owners and marketing agencies, with a heavy focus on real estate.

At Showcase IDX, Kurt and his team have analyzed more than 50,000 real estate websites over each of the past 3 years, and the agent businesses behind them, to identify what works in modern marketing. Showcase IDX is the only true independency IDX service, and the only home search that research shows consumers prefer to using Zillow.

🔸 Organic Growth and Real Estate Marketing with Showcase IDX Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Uhlir 🔸

Things we discussed in this episode:

  • Why does a brokerage need an IDX site to improve their real estate marketing efforts?
  • Does a good IDX site attract new clients?
  • What agents can do immediately to improve their influence of their websites.
  • How Kurt took an 18-month sabbatical to spend more time with his family.
  • In a world where anyone can be considered an “influencer” how can somebody set themselves apart?
  • Consumer privacy and what happens when a buyer gives information to Zillow.
  • What are some good practices to make use of the IDX investment and drive people to a real estate website?
  • What are 3 things real estate agents need to implement into their marketing strategies right now

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