Learning From a Loan Officer with Eric Seferian

Meet Eric Seferian, a loan officer with the Bank of England (no…not that England. Bank of England Mortgage based in Little Rock, AR with branches nationwide).

Eric is based in Boston, and he tells us how he pivoted from working as a leasing manager into the mortgage world.

We discuss the many types of buyer personas that We discuss life as a loan officer, what it’s like to work as an apartment leasing manager, and how psychology majors can success in real estate in overcoming objections and working with all different types of buyers.

If you’re a recent graduate and trying to figure out how to jump into the real estate world, Eric has a fantastic story, and this is an episode that you won’t want to miss!

🟠 Learning From A Loan Officer  🟠

Learning from a Loan Officer – topics that we discussed during this episode:

  1. Tips for First-Time Buyers
  2. How to get your credit in shape
  3. Down payment assistance
  4. Life as a leasing officer
  5. What a mortgage broker does

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