How to Handle Bad Neighbors When Selling Your House in Boston

Selling your house can be stressful enough even when things go well. And when you have to contend with “bad neighbors,” it only gets worse. You’ve invested effort and expense in getting your house looking its absolute best for a quick sale and the best price possible – making repairs, cleaning and decluttering, staging, and … Continued

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Tips For Buying A House With A Friend In Boston

Are you considering buying a home with a friend?  Well, buying a house with a friend can have a great many benefits, especially for people who couldn’t otherwise qualify for a mortgage or afford homeownership. Buying a house with a friend makes it easier to get a home loan because the lender will look at … Continued

5 Ways To Increase Curb Appeal When Selling a House

If you want to sell your house quickly and at the best possible price, you know you’ll have to make it look its best – especially on the outside. It’s an unavoidable fact that most buyers make a decision to go inside and see more (or not) within minutes or even seconds after seeing the … Continued

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Buying Homes With Acreage – 5 Things You Need To Know

Whether it’s a rural area or a secluded spot in town, buying a home with acreage is many people’s dream – a special place with plenty of room to call home. Especially after having experienced a pandemic, many buyers are seeking wider pastures and more expansive living spaces, both inside and out. Whether you’re looking … Continued

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Design Tips to Help You Sell Your Home in Boston

Ready to sell your home in Boston? Even in a seller’s market, you can’t just stick a for-sale in the front and then sit back and wait for the offers to start rolling in (in fact, for many condo associations in Boston, you’re not even allowed to have an agent post a For Sale sign … Continued

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Buying a Home in Boston: Expectations vs. Reality

Buying a home in Boston? For many Americans, buying a house is a long-held dream or at least a long-worked-toward goal. But when it is finally within reach, expectations don’t always line up with the reality, especially on the financial end. A study from last year found that nearly 50% of Americans who bought a … Continued

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What Boston Home Buyers Can Expect In 2021

Do you want to know what home buyers can expect this year? Despite COVID-19 and the widespread economic upheaval in 2020, the real estate market has still been chugging along. The housing market this year has pretty much been a seller’s market owing to rising prices, low inventory, record-low mortgage rates, and the consequent bidding … Continued

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Our Guide to Boston Real Estate Contracts

In just about any real estate transaction, the number of details and complexity of contracts make it more than just a little confusing! Nevertheless, contracts play a big role in real estate, especially when it comes to real estate investing. When you are just beginning to invest in real estate, many of the contract details … Continued

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How to Buy a Boston Home You Intend to Rent Out

Buying a home to rent out – that is, purchasing an investment property – is no small undertaking. Any number of things can go wrong to ultimately make you lose money – vacancy, capital expenditures, poor due diligence, unforeseen acts of nature (in the form of huge storms, power grid failures, or pandemics, just to … Continued

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Moving in Boston? Make Sure You Notify These 7 People

When you have to move, notifying all the right people makes the transition much smoother than it otherwise would be. If you know whom to notify, it will help you avoid headaches and trauma later on. You don’t want to move to a new house without heat or electricity, do you? There are people and … Continued

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Ugh! What To Do If Your Boston House Appraises Low

There are few things discouraging when selling your home than receiving a low appraisal. This could affect your buyer’s ability to finance the property, and in some cases can cause the entire deal to fall apart. To help you overcome this possible obstacle, we have 5 things you can do if your Boston house appraises … Continued

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5 Things That Affect Your Property Value in Boston

Whether you’re the average homeowner looking to put your property on the market or a professional investor, it’s good to know what determines how much your home is worth. In order to better understand how everything comes together, here are 5 of the top attributes that affect your property value in Boston. Location and Neighborhood … Continued

Avoid Overpricing Your Home

How To Avoid Over Pricing Your Home in Boston

Selling your home takes a lot of time and energy to get everything ready for the market, and pricing your home competitively is definitely part of the process. In order to make sure your home sells quickly for the right amount, we’re ready to show you how to avoid over pricing your home in Boston. … Continued