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How To Get A Mortgage As A Freelancer in Boston

Trying to get a mortgage as a freelancer comes with its own set of challenges. As a freelancer, you wear many hats – you’re in sales, operations, marketing, project management, and collections!  Imagine having the added burden of trying to convince a lending institution to give you a loan for a house without steady W-2 … Continued

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Has Your Job Been Affected By Coronavirus?

Has your job been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis? And do you have a Real Estate License in Massachusetts? We’re NextHome Titletown Real Estate in Boston, Massachusetts. As a team, we’re working together to not only survive the crisis, but to thrive through it. Hiring Real Estate Agents in Boston, MA We value your experience, … Continued

Coronavirus and the Boston Real Estate market

How Coronavirus is Affecting the Local Real Estate Market

So a week ago, the real estate market was hot.  Then Coronavirus happened. Now what? How Coronavirus is Affecting the Local Real Estate Market This is Rory Gill at NextHome Titletown Real Estate, and of course the health of our family, friends and neighbors is our highest concern. Yet, real estate professionals, homeowners and buyers…

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Top Boston Buyer and Seller Questions Answered

Most of the time most buyers and sellers have a lot of questions they want and need to have answered throughout the process of conducting a real estate transaction. There are some differences, though, in the sets of questions. Buyers usually have questions for the seller while sellers typically have questions that only their real … Continued

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6 Signs You Are Ready To Buy A House In Boston

Buying a house is not something people jump into quickly and without much thought (for the most part….there’s always those oceanfront property impulse buys, right???) Most of us spend months or even years agonizing over the decision, trying to locate the perfect home and decide whether it’s the right time and the right thing to … Continued

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How To Avoid A Contractor Scam in Boston

Home sellers in Boston often need to hire contractors for repairs, renovations, or even major remodels, especially in the wake of a major natural disaster like a Nor’Easter, blizzard, or a flood. It’s in these situations especially that homeowners are susceptible to a contractor scam. Taking advantage of homeowners at their most vulnerable is, unfortunately, … Continued

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Understanding Fair Housing Laws In Boston

The Fair Housing Act is designed to ensure fair treatment for renters, buyers, and sellers in real estate transactions – to end discriminatory practices in any housing-related activities. Its purpose, then, is to ensure that all people who apply for housing are treated the same. The act lays out everything that could be construed as … Continued