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Courts Closed in Massachusetts – How That Affects Your Real Estate Transaction

🚨 MAJOR NEWS 🚨 The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts just closed all of the courts in Massachusetts. ✅ Standard Real Estate transactions will probably still continue ✅ Anything more complex – involving title issues, land court, estates – could be delayed ✅ What you can do RIGHT NOW to stay on schedule This is Managing Broker / Real … Continued

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Boston Real Estate Since Coronavirus – 3 Things That Have Changed and 3 That Haven’t

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected life across the globe, especially here in New England and with the Boston real estate market. Strict social distancing measures, school closures, and, in many locales, a ban on all non-essential businesses have turned people’s lives upside down and thrust us into a surreal existence where we’re spending nearly … Continued

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When To Consider Buying A Foreclosure In Boston

You’ve seen those TV shows – Property Wars, Flip or Flop Vegas, and others of that ilk. And because of their huge popularity, there has been a burgeoning interest in buying foreclosed homes, even in the years preceding the Coronavirus outbreak that will undoubtedly lead to even more foreclosures. It’s a great way to buy a house … Continued

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How To Get A Mortgage As A Freelancer in Boston

Trying to get a mortgage as a freelancer comes with its own set of challenges. As a freelancer, you wear many hats – you’re in sales, operations, marketing, project management, and collections!  Imagine having the added burden of trying to convince a lending institution to give you a loan for a house without steady W-2 … Continued

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Has Your Job Been Affected By Coronavirus?

Has your job been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis? And do you have a Real Estate License in Massachusetts? We’re NextHome Titletown Real Estate in Boston, Massachusetts. As a team, we’re working together to not only survive the crisis, but to thrive through it. Hiring Real Estate Agents in Boston, MA We value your experience, … Continued