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Understanding Fair Housing Laws In Boston

The Fair Housing Act is designed to ensure fair treatment for renters, buyers, and sellers in real estate transactions – to end discriminatory practices in any housing-related activities. Its purpose, then, is to ensure that all people who apply for housing are treated the same. The act lays out everything that could be construed as … Continued

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Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction in Boston

Some people would never buy anything used, but others prefer what has been tested and is less expensive. When it comes to new construction vs. existing homes, though, the difference goes far beyond mere preference. New construction and existing homes both have their advantages and disadvantages. So if you’re still on the fence about this, … Continued

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5 Ways To Save Money For Your New Home In Boston

Buying a new home can be downright frightening. It’s the largest purchase that you might ever make, and that’s just a little scary. In fact, a lot of us think it’s a goal beyond our financial reach. There’s that big down payment and those monthly mortgage payments, as well as closing costs, property taxes, insurance, … Continued

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6 Things Every Home Seller Should Know About Before Selling Their House In Boston

Are you thinking about selling your Boston home? A Zillow report revealed that the typical home seller spends, on average, about “seven months thinking about listing their home before taking action.” That’s understandable because selling a home, especially for first-time sellers, is a big and sometimes frightening step. So we’d like to remove some of … Continued

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6 Staging Secrets For Your House In Boston

If you’re sitting around waiting for your house to sell, it can feel as if everyone else has some special staging secrets that you aren’t privy to. But don’t worry – here are the secrets that real estate agents and staging professionals everywhere use to help home sell faster and for higher prices. Check out … Continued